Aston University Engineering Academy has developed exciting links with a number of industrial partners to ensure that the Academy has an industry relevant curriculum.

Our industrial partners, and Aston University staff and students will ensure all AUEA students are exposed to a variety of approaches to learning and teaching. We are passionate about the importance of preparing our students to progress into engineering and science careers.

Working with our partners from industry will open up career opportunities for our young people within these companies.

At the core of the engineering and science curriculum is a focus on learning that is contextualized based on “real life” industrial scenarios.  These scenarios are planned in partnership between representatives from the relevant company, an engineering expert from Aston University and AUEA staff to ensure each scenario is motivating, stretching and engaging for students, whilst meeting the assessment requirements for that qualification.

Learning activities take the form of:

  • industrial placements
  • visits to industrial premises
  • hot seats provided by industry experts
  • Shadowing an employee
  • Industry days at AUEA
  • Simulations and problem solving tasks
  • Mock interviews
  • Industry staff deliver parts of lessons (both in real time and virtually)
  • Working on real industry information, materials and resources
  • Using actual industry equipment either on site or at AUEA

Learning alongside our industry partners ensures that our students gain an understanding of how engineering and science operates in a commercial context and allows them to shape their own future progression in to the world of engineering.

We are therefore seeking industrial partners who are able to support Aston University Engineering Academy as it develops into an exciting and vibrant place to learn and work.


Graduates of Aston University Engineering Academy will be well qualified, motivated and highly employable young men and women.

National Grid Industrial Scenario (182KB)


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